Welcome to the homepage for the Academy of Management Professional Development Workshop, "Lean Startups and Innovation Strategy: Towards a New Paradigm?" Several of the presentations from recent workshops are available here (2017) and here (2016)

The abstract for the workshop is as follows:

Over the past ten years there has been a quiet revolution in how entrepreneurs think about business planning and innovation. The ‘Lean Startup’ process and the ‘Business Model Canvas’ have become widely used tools for entrepreneurs, and the principles they embody have guided many new venture launches and product innovations. Many established corporations have attempted to adopt or adapt these practices for their in-house innovation efforts, with varying levels of success. Academic work explicitly addressing the Lean Startup method is, however, scarce. Is this because the underlying principles of the Lean Startup method are already present in the academic literature, just under different labels? Or is there a research-reality gap? What new research questions does the Lean Startup movement open up? And are large companies wise to be trying this practice? This PDW will fuel a discussion of these issues. A panel of leading scholars will share their perspectives on interesting directions for future research. Following this, participants will have the chance to interact with the panelists and with each other in a roundtable discussion, exchanging ideas and getting feedback on the viability of possible research topics.

Two iterations of this workshop have now been held, at the Academy of Management Annual Meetings in Anaheim (2016) and Atlanta (2017). Each was very well attended and stimulated a lot of discussion. As organizers we extend our thanks to the AOM's TIM division for sponsoring the PDW, and to our excellent set of speakers and our highly engaged audience members for participating in the workshops! Thank you!

David Clough & Andy Wu