Welcome to the homepage for the Academy of Management Professional Development Workshop, "Lean Startups and Innovation Strategy."

Following two years of virtual workshops, the 2022 workshop will take place in person as part of the Academy of Management's Annual Meeting in Seattle. This lively and interactive workshop will take place on Sunday 7th August at 2pm - 4pm PDT at the Grand Ballroom D at the Sheraton Hotel.

Participants need to be registered attendees of the Academy of Management's Annual Meeting. No separate PDW pre-registration is required for this session. You can view the session's listing in the AOM's virtual program here, and add the session to your personal schedule.

The abstract for the workshop is as follows:

In the decade since ‘The Lean Startup’ was published, the method outlined in this book has been widely adopted by entrepreneurs and the principles it embodies have guided many new venture launches and product innovations. Established corporations have attempted to adopt these practices for their in-house innovation efforts with varying levels of success. This has prompted a surge in academic interest in the Lean Startup and associated methodology. While some underlying principles of the Lean Startup method are present in established streams of literature, a flourishing body of research has emerged to address remaining gaps between theory and the practices inspired by the Lean Startup method. Thus, we ask: What new research questions does the Lean Startup movement open up? In the seventh iteration of this highly popular workshop, we continue our discussion of these issues by assembling a panel of leading scholars who will share their current work and their perspectives on interesting directions for future research.

Six iterations of this workshop have now been held, at the Academy of Management Annual Meetings in Anaheim (2016), Atlanta (2017), Chicago (2018), Boston (2019) , online (2020 and 2021) . Each was very well attended and stimulated a lot of discussion. As organizers we extend our thanks to the AOM's TIM division, ENT division, and STR division, for sponsoring the PDWs, and to our excellent sets of speakers and our highly engaged audience members for participating in these workshops! Thank you!

David Clough, Sourobh Ghosh, & Andy Wu